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Clubhouse Chatter-Ryan Dambach

Hitting and mental coach Ryan Dambach talks about hitting and the mental side of baseball and life.



Charley Lau Jr.

This was from our old BlogTalk Radio days. 


After working as a highly respected Minor League hitting instructor, Charley Lau Jr. began his quest to resolve the myths and misunderstandings on how to hit a baseball in the most effective way possible.

Lau’s reputation and expertise started nearly thirty years ago (see George Brett quotation above) and grew rapidly when Seattle Mariners shortstop Alex Rodriguez, who hit .232 in 1995, used Lau’s system to hit .358 and win the American League batting title during the 1996 season. Since then, Lau has worked with several high profile players including Tony Gwynn, Dante Bichette, and many more.

Lau’s book not only includes the secret ingredients to building the most dynamic swing possible but he shows, step-by-step, how to teach yourself or your students.