Clubhouse Chatters Christmas list for the baseball fan

Here are a few ideas for that baseball fan.


For sports education Base by Pros is very reasonable. Mitch Canham (Manager of Clinton Lumberkings) as done a great job. Check them out.


In the Vancouver, Washington area, Chris Gissell (former pitching coach in the Angels farm system), is the main dude at Baseball Dudes. Stop in and say hello.


Baseballisms is a huge hit. The guys at Baseballisms create a great and fun product. From socks to hats, they have almost everything. Tell them Norm sent you.


Micky and the Motorcars have been a headliner on one of the nights at Gordys Hwy 30 Music Fest. The Braun Brothers are huge baseball fans and even put together a Celebrity softball game and concert in Round Rock Texas to benefit local baseball programs.


Reckless Kelly are also huge baseball fans. Lead by Willy Braun they are a Texas music powerhouse. They sponsor the Reckless Kelly celebrity softball jam.


D.J. Jackson came up with the idea for Two Hands Pro as a young man. One of the top training aides around and very reasonable. D.J. also provides top notch sports education and training.


Gordy Schroeder has a passion for music. He has brought that passion to the Magic Valley. Gordys Hwy 30 Music Fest is a family friendly event that spans over two days in June. It is gaining in popularity and you don’t want to miss the 2016 fest.




Producer Brian and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy safe New Year. 





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