Brooklyn Cyclones Manager Tom Gamboa

Tom Gamboa, is a Major League Baseball coach. He is best known as the Kansas City Royals first base coach who was attacked on the field at Comiskey Park by two fans during a game against the Chicago White Sox on September 19, 2002. William Ligue Jr and his son, William Ligue III, were highly intoxicated when they ran onto the field unprovoked, despite some initial assertions to the contrary. The duo tackled Gamboa, and threw several punches before being restrained by players and security. Ligue Jr. was later found to have been in possession of a knife during the attack. Gamboa suffered permanent hearing loss. The Ligues later pled guilty and were sentenced to probation.

During the rest of his time in the Majors, Gamboa was the Chicago Cubs third base coach in 1998 and 1999 and the Royals first base coach from 2001–2003. During the 2012 California Winter League (Palm Springs, Ca), Gamboa served as the Field Coordinator.

On February 27th, 2014, Gamboa was named manager of the Brooklyn Cyclones





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